Providing Quality Service Execution.

At Brandt & Schöne Network, we are in the business of facilitation and service execution. 

Our team of seasoned professionals proficient in the field of  media and general services executions bring professionalism to your projects without having you break the bank.

Our general multi-services enterprise is focused on meeting the diverse needs of a variety of clients. From media/brand consultation and visibility, to project supervision, outsourcing and facilitating trade deals. 

We act as facilitators in outsourcing tested and credible service providers /services and also buyers and sellers of commodities.

Media: Media Consultancy; Radio content providers; Artistes Promotions/Publicity ; Strategic Brand Placements (Indoor & Outdoor Visibility)

General Services: Commodity Trade Transactions Facilitation; Project Supervision.

Our aim is to make topnotch services available to you.

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